Throughout the course of interviewing for our documentary project, one thing has become very clear: 

this is about much more than producing films. 

The practice of answering our key-life questions on a regular basis has proven to be a life-changing tool for participants, fostering personal transformation through personal storytelling. Our patent-pending interview process centers around one's longings and fears- two major motivators in determining how one lives their life. They also explore familial relationships and patterns as well as past experiences that have influenced the formation of the individual.   

To offer this experience to individuals and families beyond the participants in the documentaries, we've teamed up with organizations like Family Search to begin developing interactive apps that guide you through a series of age appropriate questions, capture your responses on film and store them safely into a personal time capsule of your story.



Our latest endeavor- the mobile app aims to provide an effective, thoughtful way for you to verbalize and preserve your story anytime, anywhere. You will be able to set up an account through 5000 Days or link an existing Family Search account to save your footage for generations to come.

The app is currently in beta development. Please consider contributing to the app development fund. All donations will receive a pre-release of the app once it's ready and contributions above a certain level will also be able to use or gift the app as a tool to audition to be the next star of one of our documentary films.

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The Story Booth

In 2014 we began teaming up with Family Search to offer the "Story Booth" to individuals exploring their family history. Family Search is a world leader in genealogy and has recently begun launching their "Discovery Centers" which feature interactive exhibits to explore your family history and our Story Booths to capture and preserve you and your life experiences.

If you're in the area, stop in to check it out and be sure to sit down with the Story Booth to begin capturing your story. 

The opportunity is also available in select stake centers across the country. 

Story Booth Location 

Seattle Family Discovery Center

15205 SE 28th Street
Bellevue, WA 98007

Discovery Center
Inside A Family Search Discovery Center



While we have no shortage of participants that we personally interview and follow around with a camera each year, we're always open to introducing new kids and stories to the documentary side of the project. If you or someone you know is interested in being followed (like the Nelson boys in TWO BROTHERS) you may subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of occasional audition opportunities in your area.

We do receive a lot of requests and only have a limited number of spots for the documentary series, so please also consider being a silver or gold contributor to our Mobile App Development Fund to be among the first to receive the app including a mobile auditioning tool for you or your loved one. 



"Words cannot express my true feelings for the opportunity my children have had to be able to participate in The 5000 Days Project. As parents we often struggle to teach our children empathy for others and to see the world as a bigger whole. My kids had the chance to express their problems through a video diary over the course of many years, then being able to view not only their experiences and drama but the challenges other children face as well. It gave them a wonderful opportunity for self-reflection and the chance to put their problems in a real perspective. 5000 Days was a positive real-life experience for them. I feel it has given them real confidence in who they are."  -Deepest Thanks, N. D.