It costs about $1000 a year to film a child's story. 

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The kids

Andy (13)

Salt Lake City, UT

Director's note: "Kind, generous, quirky. One of the most likable people alive."

Eva (5)

Austin, TX

Director's note: "A small person yet a personality the size of Texas."

Emma (13)

Seattle, WA

Director's note: "Articulate, poised, engaging and opinionated."

Cole (7)

Austin, TX

Director's note: "Very imaginative and plays a mean violin."

Macie (10)

Austin, TX

Director's note: "Longs to shine and be liked. Be nice to Macie. Some day she may rule the world."

Luke (10)

Seattle, WA

Director's note: "Confident. Competitive. Uncommonly comfortable in his own skin."

Cooper (10)

Austin, TX

Director's note: "Sensitive, loves anything athletic and always wants to do the right thing."

Hadyn (13)

Leavenworth, WA

Director's note: "Sharp mind and sly sense of humor. May put us all in her novel one day."

Jesse (10)

Leavenworth, WA

Director's note: "Strong, thoughtful, athletic and gentle (except with little sister!"

Tanner (18)

St. George, UT

Director's note: "Strongest moral sense I've ever witnessed in a kid."

Brynn (13)

Austin, TX

Director's note: "Deeply talented and embraces hard work."

Sebastian (13)

Provo Canyon, UT

Director's note: "A deeply moral inner voice and a completely unique outer personal style."

Kate (16)

Salt Lake City, UT

Director's note: "A stealth bomber- brilliant, fascinating, and articulate but shy."

Noah (16)

Alberta, CA

Director's note: "Thoughtful, modest, charismatic. The type of guy you wish was your brother."

Brook (11)

Highland, UT

Director's note: "Intellectually curious, highly capable and goes after what she wants."

Jesse (15)

St. George, UT

Director's note: "Athletic, thoughtful and deeply sincere."

Livia (9)

Austin, TX

Director's note: "A keen and sensitive observer who can build anything."

Jonah (16)

Leavenworth, WA

Director's note: "Good at absolutely everything but is astoundingly humble about it."

Noah (11)

St. George, UT

Director's note: "Makes everything look easy."

May (13)

Austin, TX

Director's note: "Wants to be a performer and has the charisma to make it happen."

Will (13)

Shoreline, WA

Director's note: "Deeply thoughtful, caring and humble. The person you want as your best friend."

Ella (14)

Seattle, WA

Director's note: "Witty, wise beyond her years and inventive- all with a surprise in store."

Shayla (12)

Austin, TX

Director's note: "Extremely accomplished. Will always be her own biggest competitor."

Celine (11)

Austin, TX

Director's note: "Believes in other people and their goodness. An Audrey Hepburn."

Ali Fisher (18)

Highland, UT

Director's note: "Optimistic and talented.  A total ray of sunshine but also capable of going very deep."

Caleb Harris (10)

Orem, UT

Director's note: "Smart, determined and knows how to hold his own in a big family."

Kyla Harris (13)

Orem, UT

Director's note: "Bright, confident and weathering teen years with grace."


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Featured Stories

Hans (15)

After beating childhood cancer, Hans is now battle Crohn's disease and keeping a journal in hopes of helping other kids with the disease.

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Luciano (16)

Luciano swims for the Chilean Para-Olympics and wants to travel the world being an inspiration for people with disabilities.

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Throughout the course of interviewing for our documentary project, one thing has become very clear: 

this is about much more than producing films. 

The practice of answering our key-life questions on a regular basis has proven to be a life-changing tool for participants, fostering personal transformation through personal storytelling. Our patent-pending interview process centers around one's longings and fears- two major motivators in determining how one lives their life. They also explore familial relationships and patterns as well as past experiences that have influenced the formation of the individual.  

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